Who We Are

Cheryl Davis has two adorable dogs, loves the smell of framing lumber, and hates the smell of mud. The thing that satisfies her most about being in construction is having a physical product to look at when a job is finished. While you’re most likely to see her driving her “totally utilitarian” Highlander around town, she loves her F-150 truck the most. Cheryl forgot to have hobbies; she had children and grandchildren instead. Her favorite movie is Splendor in the Grass, and if she had spare time, she would spend it reading or cooking. Her pasta with clams is second to none.

Lane Davis loves solving problems and building things. A perpetual seeker of perfection, he appreciates the continuing opportunity, as a contractor, to create wonderful living spaces and satisfied customers. Because his wife is his business partner and the industry is full of friends, he finds work to be “a pleasure.” Lane likes the blues, action movies, ice cream, and his two adorable dogs. He enjoys hiking and camping, makes a perfect Pimm's Cup, and eats a lot of pasta with clams.

McLean Building Company sadly said goodbye to Scott McLean in October 2014, after a brief illness. His presence is deeply missed, but his spirit is alive and well. You can read his obituary here