Really? You’ve been in business since 1971?

Really. Scott McLean started in construction in 1971; he and partners Lane Davis and Cheryl Davis have been incorporated as McLean Building Company (MBC) since 1979. They have been building every imaginable structure, from simple to near-impossible, continuously ever since.

UPDATE for 2018
We are taking on very few projects at this time, but we are quite happy to offer consultation on an hourly basis. We have much to offer after so many years in the business, and we are happy to discuss your project with you.

Our particular project may be a bit complicated. Can you handle intricacies and possible obstacles?

While all projects will definitely profit from MBC’s depth of experience, demanding projects have become their stock in trade. Though you might understandably worry about tricky siting, access, and setbacks; demanding drainage issues; RCD sensitivities; questionable soils; structural cantilevers; critical retaining walls; and construction impact on an established, quiet, high profile neighborhood, it all falls under their usual course of business.

How can we be certain there won’t be any surprises with construction costs?

If chosen as your contractor, MBC could give estimated cost projections at every stage of plan development. Their numbers would be as accurate as the plans were detailed and specified. A typical project would see about three stages of cost projections from their side, but they have done as many as seven. MBC would also give input on any aspects of development that might be troublesome or could be improved by an alternate method or material.

Are you a green builder?

MBC follows the directives of their homeowners and architects through all the possibilities of energy conservation in thermal envelopes and HVAC systems, water conservation and reclaiming, active and passive solar heating of spaces and domestic water, geothermal systems, photovoltaics, low VOC products, many levels of green materials in all phases of construction, and recycling of as many materials as possible that their work generates. MBC has led the industry in our area in building science, energy efficiency, and sustainability since 1986. They have far exceeded the current popular programs, such as Energy Star, since the mid-1990s, and they will always pursue eco-consciousness to whatever degree their homeowners desire, knowing that most of these "better" practices require greater initial costs.

What exactly would MBC do for us?

The work they would perform, with their direct employees, would be all the supervision, miscellaneous gray area tasks, punch list items, site clean-up, and general laboring.

Who else would you bring to the job, and how long have you been working together?

MBC’s major subcontractors are:
Arnold Smith Grading – 30+ years
Jim and Tommy Smith Masonry – 20+ years
Mac McLendon Framing Carpentry – 20+ years
Walker Brown Roofing – 20+ years
Dennis Alwon Electric – 30+ years
Sparrow and Sons Plumbing – 30+ years
EQC Insulation and HVAC – 25+ years
DunnRite Sheetrock – 20+ years
Steve Chambers Ceramic Tile – 25+ years
Aventine Cabinetry – 20+ years
Dennis Boodman and Rick Hernandez Trim Carpentry – 30+ years
Philip Hansell Painting – 10+ years
Danny Johnson Hardwood Flooring – 30+ years
Michael Groves Floor Finishing – 25+ years